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Genesis of Lawyer Mums Australia

My name is Anthea McIntyre and I am the founder of Lawyer Mums Australia.

I have been a lawyer for over 13 years and a mother for 3 years. Following the birth of my two daughters, I struggled with the question of how I was going to balance a rewarding career in the law with the demands of young children.

One day, I sat down at my computer and searched for an online support group or forum of lawyers where I could seek advice from other lawyer mums who had trodden the same path or were grappling with similar challenges. I could not find a suitable group exclusive to lawyer Mums and so decided to create the Facebook group, “Lawyer Mums Australia”. I then invited three of my lawyer mum friends to join the group. Within three days there were more than 200 members, within a week more than 350 members and within a month almost 500 members! It highlighted to me that I was not alone in my yearning for a support network of fellow lawyer mums.

Who we are

Lawyer Mums Australia is a network of women throughout Australia who are united by motherhood and their careers in the law. Members include solicitors and partners of large, medium and small-sized law firms, in-house lawyers, government lawyers, sole practitioners, legal consultants and barristers; some members work full-time, others part-time or on a contract basis.

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