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Lawyer Mums – Create an Employment Profile

If you are a lawyer mum interested in employment opportunities with family-friendly employers who understand the challenges of juggling a career with family commitments and offer flexible work arrangements (including short-term contract roles and working from home roles as well as full-time and part-time roles) then please register to be considered for employment opportunities by creating an Employment Profile and uploading your CV. It is free.

Even if you are not actively seeking a new role, if you are open to considering an exciting new employment opportunity then we encourage you to register with us.

1.   Create an Employment Profile and upload your CV

Click here to create an Employment Profile of yourself and upload your CV.

At the time of creating your Employment Profile, you will have the opportunity to specifically exclude any employers who you do not wish to have access to your CV (for example, an existing employer).

2.   Manage your Employment Profile and CV

You can edit or delete your Employment Profile at any time. You can also upload a new CV at any time. We encourage you to keep both your Employment Profile and CV up-to-date.

3.   Interested employers will contact you directly

  • Employers contact Lawyer Mums Australia looking for lawyers with particular skills and experience.
  • Lawyer Mums Australia will then search across the Employment Profiles registered with us and identify lawyer mums who satisfy the relevant search criteria.
  • Lawyer Mums Australia will send to the employer any CVs of lawyer mums who satisfy the search criteria, provided the lawyer mum has not specifically excluded the particular employer (as nominated in their Employment Profile) from having access to their CV. Please note that employers do not have access to our database and will not have access to your Employment Profile. They will only see your CV (unless you’ve excluded them).
  • Employers will contact you directly with suitable employment opportunities.

4.   Follow our Jobs Board and Facebook pages

In addition to registering your Employment Profile with us, you can also view current job vacancies advertised on our Job Board.

Details of employment opportunities will also be included on our Facebook Business page and Lawyer Mum Discussion Forum, so please follow us on Facebook and join our Forum.

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