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About Lawyer Mums Australia

We support lawyer mums and employers that understand the challenges of juggling a career with family commitments.

How do we support lawyer mums?

  • Discussion forum – we provide an online discussion forum exclusive to lawyer mums where our 540+ members can unite to ask questions, share information, build networks and help each other to be the best lawyers and mums they can be
  • Employment – we help lawyer mums find suitably flexible employment
  • Networking and CLEs – we arrange networking events and child-friendly CLEs

How do we support employers?

  • Recruitment – we help employers to attract top legal talent by allowing employers to advertise employment opportunities on our website and Facebook pages
  • Identify talent – we maintain a database of lawyer mums looking for work and can assist employers to identify suitable talent
  • Networking – we provide an opportunity at our events for employers to meet highly talented lawyers and show their support for lawyer mums



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